From the most subtle and gentle of comic nudges to seriously twisted visual gags, I can provide the appropriate level of humour to your publication…website…power point presentation…advertising or marketing campaign…or personalized greeting card. In fact, just about anything!

And like all perceptive cartoonists, I see humour in all sorts of things.

So don’t use clip art or recycled photos for your next publication or Powerpoint presentation.

I have also been freelancing since 1991 and have consequently built up a network of people in related industries including graphic design, printing, web design and marketing.

And it’s not just about cartoons – I write and help conceptualise all of the above.

I subscribe to the theory that cartoons can be a practical working tool that can be used in a number of ways: adding light relief to pages of text, illustrating a technicality, summarising a complex or serious topic, or simply drawing the eye to something.

Tailor it with some original cutting edge cartoons or uplifting humorous sketches to really involve and retain the interest of your reader or audience.

Somewhat strangely of cartoonists, I do work for money. But my rates are extremely competitive!

So please call me anytime to discuss the comic relief component of your next project.

Go to my Contact page in this website where you’ll find all my details. I’m open all hours.