After several years working in public relations in Melbourne for VicRoads (promotional work, media relations, desktop publishing, drinking coffee), I became a full time freelance cartoonist in 1991. My aim: to become very rich from capitalizing on my innate drawing skills, spontaneous wit, and superannuation payout.About John Allison

Over the years my work has been published in several national journals including The Bulletin, Australasian Post and Penthouse. More recently, I have written and illustrated a number of articles for Australian Mad and have had several cartoons published online at

A regular contributor to the annual Rotary Cartoon Competition in Coffs Harbour, I have be fortunate to win the International Award in 1994, the Best Cartoon Open Theme in 1997 and the Best Media Cartoon in 2005.

Since then, I have built up a large clientele, having produced material for the government, mainstream media, public relations companies, small business, and the corporate world.

A lot of my government work embraces road safety campaigns and I have illustrated and occasionally written material for VicRoads, several municipalities and a number of Community Road Safety Councils.

While most of my work revolves around gag cartoons, I am also an editorial cartoonist my most recent work being for Stock Journal, a weekly South Australian newspaper, and Owner Driver, a national trucking monthly.

I occasionally delve into writing, specifically in the area of travel articles, and have had my global jaunts published in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, the Herald Sun and Royalauto.

I live in Mentone in bayside Melbourne with my partner, Lena. There are no kids and no cats, so life is good.

You call…I’ll draw!

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